Friday, August 03, 2007

Thrifty computing

Thrifty computing

Though not used as much as in earlier days of computer usage, I find screensavers are used even today more so in offices. People find them to be good time wasters and casual entertainers at first, but it gets boring as fast as watching a spider building his web does. Not to forget the electricity wasted while your screensaver drags on pitifully solely for the amusement of passers-by.

Consider it yourself: Switching off your monitor will even extend it's life if you're the one to leave your computer idle for long periods.

Set your monitor to power off after specified period of inactivity: Open Power Options in the Control Panel and in the dialog box select "After 5 mins" in "Turn off monitor" and click OK.

Power off on demand: Tip 1: If you use HoeKey, assign to Winkey+1 the below command ...
 ~1=Wait|2000            ; win+1: turn monitor off
=Msg|Progman|274|61808|2 ; win+1: turn monitor off
Power off on demand: Tip 2: I use another nifty app called TClock Light. It allows tweaking of the system tray and also has an option to power off the monitor on specific mouse actions. I have set it use the middle click on the system clock.

Hope you find this useful to easily regulate your computer display. Know of an even better way? Speak to me with your comment. Cheers!

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