Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tip for photo lovers: Hassle-free webshots downloads

Webshots ( is a big source of quality wallpapers. But, many of the good photos are marked as Premium which means they have to be purchased. The rest of the photos, known as Regular, are available in 800x600 resolution. Even the Regular photo download is limited to 5 per day for a non-paying user.

Reading at makes you realize that you need to install software to download their photos. This software keeps the photos in encrypted form - even the Regular ones. So you cannot share or save them like other common photos. But there is a way to avoid installing the Webshots desktop software and use the downloaded photos freely just like any other ordinary photos you come across everyday.

The thing to note here is that if you use Internet Explorer, you will be informed that you need to install their software. But use Firefox and will not complain.

So, use Firefox to create a free account and login. Next, select one of the free non-Premium photos of your choice. Choose to download the Regular version. Now the download takes the form of a .wbz file - such as 54112fc5ffdc127da0d816369416be20.wbz. Save it to a folder on your computer. These .wbz files cannot be read by ordinary photo viewing and editing software or shared with others as .wbz is an encrypted picture format. Use wbc2jpg to extract the wallpaper into the popular jpg format that can be viewed, copied or have anything else done to it! Freee to use and enjoy!

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